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2023 Membership Drive

Greetings Members and Prospective Members!

The Lewiston Area Chamber of Commerce understands that in order to have a strong economic environment it requires a strong community. We are fortunate to have partnerships with the Downtown Development District and Albert Township, two entities that realize we all share the responsibility of creating that success and are willing to work with each other toward that objective.

Joining the Lewiston Area Chamber of Commerce provides businesses with access to resources, discounts, and relationships that enable them to save money, market their products and services, and streamline their processes.

In addition to member networking events this year, we are also working on holding some “lunch and learn” events where members and their employees can pick up a new skill or technique. These types of events can offer resources for advancement for employees.

Our mission is simple – to support, promote, and attract business to our area for a brighter future in a thriving, prosperous community.

At your Lewiston Area Chamber of Commerce, we are working hard to provide some new and innovative benefits for you, your employees, and your business. We hope you will continue your membership and join us in making Lewiston a great place to live, work, visit, and enjoy all four seasons! Remember, membership is an investment in your community and Lewiston’s future.

Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2023,

Lewiston Area Chamber of Commerce Board

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